1 – Requirements

 You need to have Nuclear Core Node installed & running 24/7 for Staking.

In order to start staking you need a minimum of 1 NCL.

2 – Start Staking

2.1 – Attach to Nuclear Core Node:
2.1.1 – Windows:
Go to Start Menu and select Attach:

2.1.2 – MacOS:
You do not need to do anything on the MacOS. You are already on the Nuclear Core Node console.
2.1.3 – Linux :
Run the following on the Terminal:
nuclear3 attach
2.2 – Run the following command in your console to unlock your account and start staking:
personal.unlockAccount('Gen3Address', null, 0, true)
Example Parameters

Gen3Address:     Your wallet address

null: Password parameter, always use null

0: Timeout paramater, always use 0

true: True means unlocked for staking only
2.3 – You will be prompted to enter your passphrase. It’s normal if nothing appears when you type, the passphrase is hidden.
It will return true if the wallet was successfully unlocked for staking.

3 – Check your Staking Status

3.1 – Run the following command to check your staking status.
It will return true if the wallet is currently staking.

Congratulations, you are now staking your NCL!