Nuclear is always open to adding top-notch talent to our team. That means extremely sharp and skilled people from different professional backgrounds.
Please read the guidelines below for the types of individuals we are interested in joining us.
Qualities we seek:
People of high moral fiber and who function from a place of LOVE. Nuclear was created from a place of love. Oki did not need to create Nuclear, the desire for Nuclear to be a powerful organization comes from a pure place of love, not a desire for materialism, vanity, or consumerism which are plagues of many cultures in our world today. Our contributors should function from a similar place of purpose for us to be in alignment and have matching energy within Nuclear. Loyalty is also very important – in the end, love is more powerful than all the money in the world, and our organization should be bound by strong love and loyalty, especially in the face of challenges we will inevitably need to overcome.
Fast learners. People who get stuff done quickly and efficiently YET pay very high attention to detail and think things out far ahead. The leadership in our organization will be occupied focusing on the vision and direction of Nuclear and will not want to bogged down auditing incomplete or insufficiently thought-out work – As any contributor begins working within Nuclear, they should seek to impress with the thoroughness and quality of their work- as well as speed of getting newly assigned tasks completed. It is imperative our team members respond quickly to organization needs – part of our creed is “talk today, done tomorrow.” These are strong factors of how individuals will rise within Nuclear to top leadership positions (in addition to their other values being in alignment with Nuclear, much of which is outlined on this same page). In an ideal world, our Directors should be impressed by the quality and thoroughness of the their team members and corresponding contributors. In an ideal world, Directors give their stamp of approval and feel legitimately impressed that their contributors have completed such high quality work with little hand-holding, and completed their tasks promptly. Important note — there is elegance in simplicity, and we will often want to keep things as minimalistic (yet high impact) as possible- less is often more.
We strive to make powerful, meaningful, well-thought-out moves. It may take weeks to fully organize a plan, and then execute- this is better than 5 revisions over the same time frame and constantly “changing rules” or scrambling around. We expect our contributors to have the same thoughtfulness in the work they do. Quality over quantity all day.
In general, we like people who can be leaders (though this is not a requirement)- this means being conscious and considerate of others, for both those working above and below you in the organization, as well as other professional associates. Being a strong leader also puts you in a a better position to grow with our organization.